An epic adventure set on the ancient Silk Road

When drought threatens to wipe out his clan, a young shaman sets out on an arduous journey in search of a spiritual leader he believes can bring forth rain.

On the way, he joins forces with a mysterious monk whose knowledge of new technologies offers an alternative way to save the shaman’s people.

But the monk is on his own journey, in search of the ultimate spiritual revelation, and is using the shaman solely to help reach his intended destination: a cave that holds the key to enlightenment. Their treacherous quest across the desert takes shaman and monk into uncharted territory, where they face threats from starvation, bandits, and the unforgiving terrain.

But the real battle lies in their opposing attitudes to life, the shaman seeking answers in action while the monk seeks them within – a conflict that risks exploding when they fall for two sisters they meet at a refugee camp.

Moreover, the shaman hides a secret that threatens to destroy their fragile alliance altogether...and as they near their destination, the two men face a life-and-death struggle to learn that the path to true enlightenment lies in neither blind faith nor self-denial, but in sacrifice and love